Vermont Ventures

The capitol of is only a short distance away from where I live.

Welcome to the Brand new page!! Please do not forget to look at the end of the Florida page for all the last updates from there before I left.

It is April 18, 2010 and we arrived in Vermont last night at 11:00 in the rain, on a slippery dirt road…yeah that was fun with a horse trailer by far more scarey than our drive through New York City with the trailer, lol, atleast for me.
So far I really like my apartment, it is super cute…kinda modern style, roomy, my own washer and dryer, full size appliances and has a bathroom inside!! Oh yes, and views to die for.
Okay enough blabing here are some pics.

This was the first Detour of our trip. This is St. Augastine, FL. I wanted to take my mom here for lunch and ice cream. Despite the extremely small town with narrow streets we made it through and found a perfect park to picnic in!

The cute cabin we stayed in for our stop over in Dunn, North Carolina...I know I usually have pics of the boys, but we got in at 9p and left well before daylight.

Looking outside my apartment to the north.

Looking outside my apartment toward East.


View out the bedroom window.

View out the living room

Alrighty, it is 4/20/10 and there is still snow on the ground from our weather storm a couple days ago 😀  We got 8″ of snow in 24hrs!  Here are some pics from the same spot as the previous ones…just now in white 😉

one of my favorites...everything is so white you can't tell it's still really snowing.

same view as above, with snow overlay. Can you tell which pic? 😉

The boys out in there first snow!

The house I live at.

Just to let everyone know, I am no longer in Vermont riding under Ruth. I have an awesome opportunity back down south and I will give more details later, but for now I am not disclosing too much. As always I look forward to hearing from everyone, so please keep me updated!!


16 Responses to “Vermont Ventures”

  1. Dad Says:

    No picture of your apartment.

  2. Dad Says:

    Can’t beat the view

  3. Patty Loy Says:

    I thought there was trees there. It looks like the rolling hills of the midwest. Maybe it’s just these shots. Really nice.

    • pembletonfarms Says:

      There are lots of trees, just the picture…I will get another one up in the near future when the sun is shining because the pics don’t do it justice.

  4. patty loy Says:

    I like the pics of your apt. Cute. I bet Sylvester likes it too. Now he can roam around. How do the boys like it? Aren’t they shaved? They will be ready for anything after these road trips. They’ll be seasoned travelers. Kindof damp here this am. Was 43 when I left the house. Our little bit of rain is supposed to be gone today. I think we are on the positive side but because of the last 3 years of draught the water table is still down.they are still talking about conservation.
    I want to go to the Ramona pageant this weekend. It’s only 3 weekends now and started last’s so colorful and it’s good to support all those who work so hard.
    Guess I need to go. Have a great day. Love

  5. Pamela Heino Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I will be happy to fill out the recommendation as soon as I get home. Rich & I are driving home from CSHA (Ca. Speech & Hearing Ass.) conference in Montery and we visited Hearst Castle today. While in Monterey we were able to trail ride along Pebble Beach and thru two golf courses including Spy Glass…the sights were smashing! I had tea with Linda two weeks ago and she said you have an opportunity to go to Belgium & now I see Germany. Both locations would be fabulous and it is easy to get around in Europe by train. (Buy an Eurail pass before you leave.) Linda mentioned you sold Geno and were going to buy an Andalusian??? Keep us posted as to what your end up doing since this is an exciting time for you.
    Take good care of yourself
    Pamela & Rich

  6. Suzanne Says:

    Wow, Lisa, looks great. We miss you but are very happy that you have these great opportunities.

  7. pat valdez Says:

    wow girlie! dreams really can come true!!!

  8. Meghan Says:

    Looks beautiful. Wish I could visit and ride with you through those rolling hills and colorful trees! Enjoy yourself. Looks like your place is really nice as well. How fun! Bet its so peaceful. Woo Hoo to the inside bathroom! haha No more out-house for you! 🙂 How is the Dressage community there? I hear the East coast is where its at. Take care. Miss you. Roci whinnies hello 😉

  9. Patty Loy Says:

    Hello Miss Lisa,
    how is your life going? I hope that snow is finally gone. Ark had 2 days of tornados this week. This weather is crazy. I’m so glad ours has been normal, I really enjoy the 80 something degree days. I’ve been so busy not getting home any day until about 7-9. I feel so bad for the dogs, no one to talk to all day. Brittany is reallly getting older lately. her arthritis is hurting her back leg and her front leg that is double jointed. I have put her on Loratine for her allergys. Really seems to help. With her allergys, her sinus drainage would get so bad would upset her stomach and then she couldn’t eat. Cindie is on special diet from the vet since Nov, low fat high fiber.Apparently, she has either hepatitis or liver cancer. I told him I didn’t want to know, she is happy. She is really something, still bounces at meal time, knows when 9pm comes, It’s time for biscuits. She surely loves her bisquits.
    Touche is up and walking around since the warmer weather. Don’t know if he is really up or not. He takes a really long time to get up after the winter.
    I got all 3 dogs their shots last weekend. Gearing up for their stay in the kennel while I go to first, Little Rock then Ktrina and I will head to KC, then drive on up and decorate the graves of the relatives and mom. It should be a long(emotional) but pretty trip. I love seeing the dogwoods blooming.
    Have you had a chance to do any riding? I haven’t heard that you have been enjoying yourself yet.
    My friend Grace and I have reservations for lunch on Mother’s Day in Elsinore at an Italian restaurant. Hope it’s a good one. She cooks so yummy, it has to do something to beat her cooking.
    Didn’t know if you heard, but Gene and Jennifer had their baby boy, Henry David. He had a little trouble at first, spent about a week in the hospital. Couldn’t stabilize his blood pressure and had a hole in his heart that should have closed off at birth and had the umbilical cord start to tear and had blood in his stomach, that had to be suctioned out. He’s doing great now. Praise the Lord.
    Jenny has finally gained 5 lbs and is over 1/2 way thru her pregnancy. She gets so sick with the morning sickness, hopefully that is finally easing up.
    Keep up the pics, looks alot like parts of Ark. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, and have fun. Miss you and sending lots of prayers your way. Love

  10. Lori Lorbeer Says:

    I love your house Lisa!
    How beautiful Vermont is.

  11. Patty Loy Says:

    Hey Lisa,
    how are you doing? I just got back from seeing the kids and traveling up to Ks to put flowers on the family graves etc. In the midwest that is a big deal and the church usually has a day to clean and decorate the cemeterys so that they look nice for decoration day. Way different here. mom’s headstone is finished and looks pretty nice. I’ll have to load the pics from my camera to the puter so I can send to you. Hope you are doing well. I can’t seem to get onto your other site. Maybe it’s just me. Take care, will write more later. love to you Aunt Patty

  12. Patty Loy Says:

    Hello Miss Lisa,
    I have been scouring my emails to find your old link and can’t seem to find it, to vote for you. I thought it hadn’t been so long since I saw it but I don’t know. The one you were going to send, I guess didn’t make it.
    I hope I’m not to late. I have so much on my mind, seem to get side tracked with everything. Take care, lots of love and prayers

  13. Patty Loy Says:

    hello ms Lisa,
    how are you after your trip? I hope everything is progressing in the direction you want. I know you are not content where you are so I would guess another door will open for you.Are you making headway with your accredations? Hilary came and brought Pood out last week. I only got to take 2 days off so didn’t get much time to do anything. We did make it to DelMar and took her Labradoodle to the waves. She loves the water and learned how to swim like a fish. It was overcast that day so even though I had my suit on, had to cover up with a towel. It was still fun though. She left last Sunday early and I have to arrange to take Pood home before school starts. We had a dental appt today and another one next week, a physical next week and need to get the eye checkup. It was so much easier when I had all summer to get this all done. It is nice having her here with me in the evening. I started having her go thru grandma’s picture albums and put the dates on the ends so that we have some idea of what is in them. So many pics I gave her, duplicates of mine, but some aren’t. There is about 6 boxes of photo albums, so alot to go thru, as you might guess. Pood and I went to see your mom today, ate lunch with her but Pood was still numb from the novacaine (from the dentist) so we didn’t get to go out for lunch. Hopefully we can do that before I have to take her back. Your mom and dad surprised me on sunday, when they met me for lunch after church. I was with my friends from church and they have never met a stranger. Although it’s fun to talk to them, I didn’t get a chance to talk to your mom and dad.
    I better go for now, miss seeing your exploits on the net. Take care of yourself.

  14. Meghan Says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I had another fantastic day with Roci and we thought of you. I also think of you each time I see a silver pickup or a similar horse trailer. Hope your doing well. We are keeping busy. I’ll email you some pictures when I get a chance. I have some awesome ones of Holly all cowgirl-ed up! She is crawling and trying to walk. Can’t believe she is already 9 months! We miss you and wish you many happy rides!
    Take care,

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