Back where I started ~ California

Well I must say that California is much prettier than I remember, but the dryness is much worse! I could feel the dry air 400 miles before the Texas / New Mexico boarder…seriously.
It gave me great joy to see you all again and hope to meet up with everyone. I am currently offering horse training and lessons in the Inland Empire area as I anxiously await starting my new position in Agoura Hills. It is an absolutely gorgeous facility and I am told I will be able to do lessons and training there if I choose. Even if you are not interested in that you should come for a visit! It is so beautiful!


2 Responses to “Back where I started ~ California”

  1. Roseann Says:

    NO NO NO…stay in the Inland Empire I need lunge line lessons and no one does this type of work as you do!!!

    • pembletonfarms Says:

      Awh, Thanks Roseann!
      I will be in the IE until April and not far there after 😉 I do still have my main lesson horse, and am working on being able to offer lessons on him again. Unfortunately, lunge line lessons are a lost training method. How has everything been going for you?

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