playing with my blog

where will this end up?


One Response to “playing with my blog”

  1. Patty Loy Says:

    Hello Ms Lisa,
    hope you are staying healthy and enjoying your work. It has started to grow a little warmer, but from what I hear from Ark they are miserable out there. Uncle Wayne says it was 108 yesterday with the heat index. I don’t miss those afternoon thunderstorms. Did you hear about the Caddo river flooding and killing 20 people? This wasn’t to far from the old house. Alot of people went camping and didn’t learn of the flood waters coming in the middle of the night. The Corps of Engineers knew there was no communication down there, and no one went in to warn the campers. So sad. Alot of people just went down there along the river and lived cheaply. I don’t know if they will ever find out how many missing people there are. We actually used to go to that state camp ground, and Kt still goes there. Had plans on going next month. It’s too scary.
    Had a LA city bus take off my rear view mirror last week. I had to go to the police station but they wouldn’t do a report, even though the driver never stopped. I sure don’t understand it, but he said no, not unless someone was killed. Am I glad I don’t live there full time.
    Hope you are taking care of your self. Love to you.

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